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Book Review on Witch by Lisa Lister

Written by Austeen Freeman


Posted on March 19 2020

Book Review on Witch
Author: Lisa Lister

THIS BOOK IS EVERYTHING. One of our best sellers, upon the book is a simple black cover with one word stapled across the front of it, “Witch”. If you have EVER resonated with that word, if you felt a deep stirring in your bones when this word is spoken then this is a must read for you. There is so much hate and darkness around the word Witch, and Lisa Lister demolishes any negative connotations that may reside in your mind about what a Witch is. Powerful, a woman in her power is a Witch, bottom line, that is all, end of story. This book is not only one of the easiest reads I have ever experienced but also one of the most liberating. Lister does a phenomenal job guiding you through the basic knowledge, ritual and cycles in a Witch’s culture. There is no judgement in this book and Lister offers an abundant of different paths and crafts for you to experiment with.

The book starts off with a trip through history. I was blown away with how religion demonized this ancient and sacred way of living. Lister then goes on to explain different roots and traditions from which witchcraft was born from. There are so many ways to work your craft and Lister does a great job of making them all feel welcoming. Lister then travels into the divine feminine, describing how the feminine has her own story and how HER story is actually our own story. The last half of the book is dedicated to you, discovering your own craft, empowering yourself and creating the life you have always wanted. Lister brings many “how to” practices to the table, including calling in protection, working with many different kinds of cycles and the different tools you can use to heal your soul. Lister is so effective at stringing complicated thoughts into easy to read sentences. There were so many “a-ha” moments through this book. I recommended this read to any and every woman, regardless of religion.


To all the women,