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Book Review on Woman Most Wild by Danielle Dulsky

Written by Austeen Freeman


Posted on March 05 2020

Book Review on Woman Most Wild

Author: Danielle Dulsky

YUMMMMM, welcome yourself to the world of the lovely feminine divine. Anybody who is a wild dreamer, who feels freer among the trees than in the cement trappings of this world, should read this book. If you seek to understand your cycles, your ebb and flow, the play of the seasons on your body and energy, then this book is for you. Dulsky does a MAGNIFICENT job making you feel like she is right beside you, telling you old sacred stories of a life we wish we knew. She makes them real, attainable in this life, with practices and rituals designed to feel these energies in your own body.

The book starts with explanations of the moon phases. She calls them “The New Moon's Spark & The Full Moon's Fruition."  From here she moves to descriptions of the waning and waxing energies of the moon.  She does so by providing rituals, practices and exercises to deeply embody each moon phase. It was amazing how much depth resided in these practices. Women live in cycles and after the cycles of the moon, Dulsky guides you through the seasons.  Once again, Dulsky includes helpful practices to assist with your embodiment of these energies during the four seasons of the earth. The mother, maiden, and crone energies come next. Filled with tales, meditations, and prompts, the book helps you discover your own cycles within each of these different energies. I found myself reading her verses slowly and carefully soaking up each word.  Next, the book explores the chakras. Dulsky shares both the healthy and wounded sides of the chakras. This allows you to do a deep dive into your own chakras and discover how to embody them in a healthy way.

The middle of the book addresses space holding, circle casting, and understanding the cardinal directions and their different energies. Dulsky breaks down each direction, hands you exercises and meditations to align with what each direction has to offer. She follows it up with different rituals that include spell work and how to do magick ethically and safely. Then, Dulsky proceeds to divinely guide you through how to uncover your own inner goddess. Dulsky is a master guide; she leads you in a liberating way to your deep feminine bones through pathworking and deep ritual work. The book ends with advice on creating your own circle of goddess women, a place to call home among other women. She offers circle ethics and practices to use among the group. This is surely a read for anyone wanting liberation and to tune into their cyclical nature.


Much Love,