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Smudge for Better Sleep: 5 Steps You Can Take

Written by Austeen Freeman


Posted on October 15 2019

We all know the feeling of getting a terrible night's sleep, did you know that there are some energetic housekeeping's you can do to help!

Not sleeping well?? You may want to try this!

Your bedroom may be in need of some energy clearing!

1. Rearrange your bedroom furniture to stir up the stagnant energy. This shines some light on some energy that has been sitting and stirring, creating negative shifts in the room. Some move some stuff around, change what pictures hang where and have fun with it.
2. Play music (or sing) while you rearrange to let the vibrational magic cleanse the room. 
3. Burn a candle with the intention of getting a restful nights sleep. Whether it be a pink or white candle, invite some love and rest into your space. 
4. Burn some sage or Palo santo while working to cleanse the room. Open up the window and doors, let go of anything that doesn't serve your sleep cycle. 
5. When finished sit in stillness in the center of your room and send gratitude and appreciation to all corners. Picture light covering the floor, the walls and enclosing the room by spreading across the ceiling. Let this place be a safe and secure room while you sleep. 

Have a wonderful nights sleep!!💜

Ps. I also sprayed rose water in the corners of the room 🌹

By: Austeen Freeman