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Ghidrah's Mystic She Ways Reiki 

The Mystic She Ways is...

a place to worship the living temple that is you. 

Our mission is to offer to you the medicine needed for your holy soul to mend in this busy modern world in the form of rest, rejuvenation and relief while in the loving care that our hands and hearts can offer towards healing and divination.
The Mystic She Ways enterprise is one that focuses on welcoming all that is feminine and divine but it is not exclusive to it, we welcome all genders, races and walks of life to partake in the healing waters of the well springs of love and care. 

Reiki Healing Specialists

New Feature Healer!

Jessica Tripp

Jessica is a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki practitioner and intuitive healer. She focuses on energy clearing using gentle hand movements to guide the flow of reiki energy through the body to reduce stress, promote healing and release what is no longer serving your highest good. She works with pure intentions and believes in the philosophy that healing starts from within.


Reiki Master, Co-Owner, Essential Oil Specialist, RYT-200
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Paula is a gentle healer. She holds comfortable and soft space for the bringing in of beautiful but deep reiki healing energies. She especially loves the pairing of the magic of earth medicine in the form of her beloved sacred and therapeutic oils combined with the energies that reiki can bring for beautiful aromatic sessions. Her classes are easy to understand and meant to bring healing wisdom to everyone. She offers classes to teach others the art of reiki healing, focuses on animal healing with reiki, and essential oils.DR. TARA COUMOUNDOUROS
Pharmakeia, Co-owner, Karuna Reiki Master, ERYT-200/RYT-500, Shamanic Practioner, Divine Feminine Leader
Tara is an intuitive healer, yogi, mother, lover, shaman, witch, teacher, writer and more!  Unlock the SHE-ki within you. Tara specializes in the energies of the divine feminine and has been working with the energies of reiki for many years.  She has channeled divine wisdom from the Sophia and has now paired the energies of SHE with the energies of the tradition HE of reiki healing.  The two come together in a healing dance that is stronger than if each had done it alone and she has coined this the SHE-ki codes. A blend of all of her studies as pharmacist, witch, yogi, shaman, and devotee of the goddess energies she brings to you powerful classes and healing sessions. Her classes are always deep and aimed at inspiring us to work on our inner most traumas and wounds  .May 1-2 she is offering an amazing in-person Ancestral Healing and Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master Class. Please click her picture to be taken to the class description.
During the pandemic she is only taking current and referred clients for her powerful and personal healing sessions so please email with interest.


Reiki Master and Psychic Intuitive
Anna is a Holy Fire III Reiki Master and spiritual Healer. She works with spirit, cards, crystals and pendulums to guide you through your healing experience. She is offering intuitive reiki and healing sessions and also house and home blessings.
Testimonials- “Anna is amazing. She has helped me while I have been on my healing journey.” -Sarah

Amber Moon

Reiki Master
 Amber, as a reiki master is an authentic and empathetic healer. She works through the archetype of the wounded healer, those who have suffered, broken, found themselves lost and then resurrected. In the journey their etheric death and bottom dwelling gives way to the most precious gift, through the fractal cracks that have formed the awakening of their potent inner-most medicine, light and healing to offer to others shines through. One of her favorite quotes is “when your heart breaks, it breaks open into the universe”

Ryan Richardson 

Reiki Healer 


Lion's Eye Energetic Reiki Healing

Ryan's reiki is a spirit guided session in person over the phone or on a video chat. Working together with modalities such as energywork, smoke energy clearing, chakra alignment, intuitive messages from guides or angels, holistic wellness coaching all to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. 🦁✨

Deep inhales.  Your body is a temple. 
We know you as divine.  Welcome holy one to your healing place.
We invite you to pamper yourself with our delicious soul food treatments.

All services are to be given at:
Ghidrah's Mind Body Spirit
120 E Maumee St.
Adrian, MI 49221
(517) 260-0116