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Readings and Mediumship

Ghidrah's Mystic She Ways Readings and Mediumship

"I am the divinity of my own light
I am pure cosmic presence"
-Yoga Ritual of Initiation,
Tara Coumoundouros, Co-Owner



Our greatest wish is for you to hear the gentle whispers of spirit directing your soul towards its purpose, healing and messages from loved ones.  At the Ghidrah's Mystic She Ways we strive to hold safe and sacred space for the art and practice of divination.  We have a wide variety of readings and mediumship available to you.  Step through the veil and join us today.


Readers and Intuitive Mediums

 Shelly, Intuitive Medium



Shelly is an intuitive medium. She is fun, bubbly and relaxing and through her ease of spirit she is able to help you relax and have fun with her while she delivers inciteful and helpful messages from spirit. She is particularly good at guiding you towards life path messages and readings for your energetic health and wellness. During her readings she connects with ancestors, angels and other divine spirits. 


These appointments are highly sought after and will book quickly so please schedule ahead. 




Andrea, Spirit Communicator


specializing in Tarot, Oracle and Runes  

Eclectic in her approach to spiritual guidance, Andrea taps into the wisdom of Tarot, Oracle, Runes, and the subconscious knowledge of the pendulum, weaving these messages together with her own intuitive communication with spirit. Join her in a compassionate place of seeking, and find your way to a deeper understanding of your path and purpose in this life.  Book below.