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Aragonite Tumbled


"Mother, I feel you under my feet.  Mother I feel your heart beat." -Budi Siebert.  Earth Goddess, Pachamama, Gaia, Danu and all of the other names that call out to she who pulses beneath our toes.  The tender hearted soul of earth is contained in each of these stones.  With it's rooted connection below it helps to ground you, make you feel safe and cared for.  It follows the ancient ley lines of energies through out the Earth's experiences and also your own ancient ancestral lines tracing backwards in time to help heal those that have gone before.  It also moves you along your own personal timeline and can provide a safe ground to explore your childhood wounds and traumas.  Clutch this when you need to know that your inner child is, was and always will be loved and held.

-© 2020, Tara Coumoundouros.  All rights reserved.

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