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Walk with the Ancestors a Reiki Master Class by Tara


Ancestral Healing and Reiki Masters 

Tara, is a healer who has developed her own style and flavor of healing. 
An image of a personal ritual Tara has hosted


Study with her to get healing for yourself, others and to heal for the ancestral inheritance of all that was and will be.  In this course you will receive an eclectic blend of all of Tara's training modalities which will include an International Center for Reiki recognized Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master's certificate and training in what Tara has compiled into an amazing experiential blend of cross-cultural healing.  She has trained as a pharmacist, a shaman, a witch, a yoga instructor, a divine feminine leader and a Usui/Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master. 


 Class will be empowering, healing and ritualistic.
In her classes she weaves through the sacred art of healing.  It is her personal belief that the best healers are the ones who know what it is like to be wounded and let's face it in this modern face paced world we all have our wounds.  Whether or not you've experienced trauma, a dark night of the soul or an existential crisis isn't a required qualification to be a healer but it does open us up to the energies of healing through the archetype of Chiron, the wounded-healer.   Through studies with her own epic teachers she has gained so much wisdom and healing for herself that she could weep with gratitude for it.  She has become a pillar for the resurrecting temple of divine feminine energies and she considers herself a tender of that flame.  She has been gifted with deep feminine esoteric knowledge that goes above and beyond the standard masculinized teachings of Holy Fire II Reiki and she wants nothing more than to open those channels to you. In this class she will invoke those flames with you, and walk down the ancient path of ancestral healing.  We need to heal the past hurts in our lineages so that the future can become as beautiful as the love that she can sense is coming for humanity and for the earth.  Above all Tara is a ritual story teller and the experience will be mythic, archetypal, feminine and ancestral in base.


This is an IN-PERSON eclectic healer's training. 


Must have had a reiki II certificate for greater than 6 months.


Masters- October 2nd-3rd 2021 10:30AM-7PM

In person at Ghidrah's Mystic She Ways

120 E. Maumee St. 

Adrian, MI 49221

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