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Holy Wild: Spirit Candle Collection


Holy Wild

“Primal Need”

Primal pulse and thunder heard.  Ancient calls howled through urge.  Sniff the air.  Feel the pull.  Hear the call.  The moon is full.  Shape-shift now and paw the mud.  Paint your face and feel power in your blood. You are untamed, and free to remember your soul’s name.  Know the unquantifiable force behind creation.  The great chasm from which a single utterance can birth a nation.  Light this candle aflame and you will know what it means to feel the surge of the holy wild.

Mystic She Spirit Collection Candles are hand crafted with magic.  Each individual candle's intention has been called for invocation under specific moon phases.  They contain herbs or scents to bolster their power. Enjoy!

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