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Lilith Candle: Goddess Collection



“Winged Rebellion”

She who is the serpent, the fruit and the tree.  She who stood wide legged across the river of eternity with her bark roots dug in, serpent coiled below in the Garden of Eden unabashedly filled with the knowledge of good and evil.  She will not come quietly for she knows she is the one who deserves to be on top.  Light this candle aflame when you feel the need access the fruit of knowledge of ALL that is above and below.   

Green Leaves, Apple, Pear, Vanilla, Bourbon, Camphor, Eucalyptus, Red Currant, Fir, Clove, Cedar and Patchouli


The Mystic She Goddess Collection candles are hand crafted with magic. Each individual goddess has been called for invocation under specific moon phases. They contain herbs or scents to bolster their power. Enjoy!




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