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Mystic Wanderer Oracle Deck


Our spiritual sister, Austeen Freeman has written an amazing deck for you and we couldn't be more excited for her!  The Mystic Wanderer takes you on an amazing spiritual journey to the deep depths of places that perhaps you were too afraid to venture to alone, unaware of, or unwilling to acknowledge which were stuck somewhere in the shadowy recesses.  This is a healing journey that honors all of your faces in the reflections of light and the play of shadows across your skin.  She guides you, holding your tender hand along the way on this amazing dive into the magical mysteries of spirit.  Here's what the publisher has to say:
"Are you ready to navigate a journey of enlightenment with the Mystic Wanderer?  Each card offers guidance, clarity and stability to better manage life's challenges and opportunities.  The Mystic Wanderer in you embodies all elements and isn't afraid of striding along a lesser known and travelled path."
A 48 card deck containing all of the wisdoms of the Mystic Wanderer.

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