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Sacred She Oil


This essential oil blend is made with the highest grade of therapeutic oils.  We use one of the big three's oils but can't say which legally, but their name is poetic and fitting when they speak of their oils as of the earth.  We are also of the earth and as so it is our belief that we are holy beings living a human existence.  This oil is intended to be a sacred anointing blend that strengthens and invites in the energies of the maiden, mother and crone.  We will bless it with reiki and energies of the divine feminine.  It is a completely personalized blend that you choose yourself through a beautiful meditation that we have included here:


Please purchase, listen to the meditation and then email us at with your personal selections.  We will then create the blend with organic fractionated coconut oil and infuse it with reiki and the feminine divine.  

Blessings to you. We specialize in the divine feminine but she is welcoming and it is for anyone wanting to invoke feminine energies and not limited to women or those who use SHE/HER pronouns only.  

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