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Tara, is a healer who has developed her own style and flavor of healing. 
Study with her to get healing for both yourself, others and to heal for the inheritance of all that was and will be.  In this course you will receive a reiki certificate and training in what Tara has compiled into an amazing experiential blend of cross-cultural healing.  She has trained as pharmacist, a shaman, a witch, a yoga instructor, a divine feminine leader and a Karuna Holy Fire III Reiki Master.  In her classes she weaves through the sacred art of healing with your hands and your heart, the channeling of reiki, how to work with the energetic bodies and systems, ancestral woundings and karma, and rituals that center around the wounds of the divine feminine within all of us.  She is above all a story teller and the rituals will contain the pronouns of she/her and is for anyone who identifies as such or has a deep connection with the feminine divine. 
 Classes will be empowering, healing and ritualistic.  
The reiki certificate that will be awarded is through the The International Center for Reiki Training, and can be used to register as a practitioner through them.  Her style of reiki is specific to Holy Fire III and its energies but she always loves to weave in the energy of the divine feminine.  
This is an ONLINE eclectic healers training. 
These courses will be cumulative and have prerequisites for all except the first level: 
LEVEL 1-no pre-requisite
LEVEL 2- pre-requisite of a reiki 1 certificate 
MASTER- pre-requisite of a reiki II certificate for greater than 6 months.

Level 1- October 17th, 2020 10AM-7PM

Level 2- October 24th 2020 10AM-7PM

Masters- November 14th  & 15TH 2020 10AM-7PM

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