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The Fae: Spirit Candle Collection


The Fae
“Falling into Fairy”
Legends tell of the hidden realms.  Portals to the Otherworld, where time flows slowly and magic swells.  Do you seek to play?  Fun and mischief are games of the Fae.  Treasures disappear and reappear new, if it’s lost they can help it find you.  Fairies are healers and magic makers too, but beware because their gifts may cost you.  They are known to charge a steep price, so be careful not to land on thin ice.  Light this candle aflame when you wish to seek the help of the Fae. 

Mystic She Spirit Collection Candles are hand crafted with magic.  Each individual candle's intention has been called for invocation under specific moon phases.  They contain herbs or scents to bolster their power. Enjoy!

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