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Witchcraft 222: The Witch's Body


Welcome my loves to the Mystic She Ways School of Witchcraft.  Glory be to our inner goddess, the pulse and pull of that deep feminine divinity.  She hasn't been forgotten and still dances ecstatically within.  We will tap into that energetic lyrical SHE poetry that is buried deep inside of us, swaying softly side-to-side until we work ourselves into a fever pitch frenzy where we will feel the full strength of the primal tidal swell of all of our innate mighty SHE witch power.  We will not shy away from our shadows nor do we shun the light for we are sovereign creatures who are whole and holy in our very beings.  Close your eyes and feel, for there is magic in our blood, fortitude in our bones, and prophecy in our breathy voices.  This second phase of our journey into the craft will be centered around The Witch's Body.  You are your own best tool.  We will delve into our energetic systems building upon the safety net we cast in Witchcraft 111 (which is a requirement for this course so if you've not taken it please purchase and download before enrolling in this class). There is also an ongoing Facebook group that serves as a quasi-coven in which we are each our own sovereign beings sharing a circle and platform together.


This class will be in person on May 22-23, 2021

Ghidrah's Mystic She Ways

120 E Maumee St. Adrian, MI 49221

We will meet from 10am-3pm both days.

(non -refundable)


Witchcraft 222: The Witch's Body

🌙Energetic Body Systems

🌙Chakras A Spiral In and Out

🌙Demons of the Chakras

🌙Holding the Energies

🌙Magic of the Paradox

🌙Following Your Desires

🌙Radical Manifestation


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