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Ghidrah's Mystic She Ways

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Ghidrah's Mystic She Ways

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Ghidrah's Mystic She Ways

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Ghidrah's Mystic She Ways

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Essential oils are potent magic. They are the distillation of some of earth's most wild and wonderous plant spirit allies which have been tenderly treated, boiled, toiled and poured into a tiny amber amphora like vial for our enjoyment and use. How is that not some super magic? Tis' very much so in our mystical, feminine opinion. We offer wisdom, classes and more about essential oils. We carry only the best brand, DoTerra and have found the magical and healing properties of this specific brand to be intense.

As a DoTerra approved site we are not allowed to sell their products directly from our website but we do have ways you can purchase. We offer hand made blends in our apothecary section that you can purchase online or in store. Also, we have put together the perfect purchasing package direct from DoTerra. Rosemary for protection and uplifting, Lavender for safe-guarding our connection to spirit and relaxing, and Cedarwood to keep us grounded between. Please click the button below to be taken to our DoTerra purchasing package. It will take you to an external link on the DoTerra website. In store we have DoTerra products on our shelf for retail purchase.
Either way the magic of oils awaits you <3

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